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IUPAC-Name: N-ethyl-3-fluoro-α-methyl-benzeneethanamine, monohydrochloride

CAS # 54982-43-3

Other name: 3-Fluoroethamphetamine (hydrochloride)

Form: powder

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General information on 3-FEA Powder

3-FEA (3-Fluoroethamphetamine) is a chemical compound in the amphetamine class of substances. It is a substituted amphetamine derivative, specifically a fluorinated analogue of ethamphetamine.

3-FEA is reported to possess stimulant and entactogenic properties, similar to other amphetamine-like compounds. However, it’s fundamental to note that the research and information available on 3-FEA are limited, and its effects and risks are not well-studied or understood.

Compared to unsubstituted ethylamphetamine, 3-fluoroethamphetamine (3-FEA) is reported to have a weaker ability to release noradrenaline, it has a fluorine atom attached at the 3-position. It is also similar to fenfluramine, but instead of a 3-trifluoromethyl group, it has a 3-fluoro substituent.

The presence of the fluorine atom in 3-FEA can affect its pharmacological properties, potentially influencing factors such as receptor binding affinity and metabolic stability. However, the specific details of its chemistry, including the synthesis process or other chemical properties, may be short because of the nature of the research chemicals.


Chemical composition of 3-FEA Powder

The chemical composition of 3-FEA (3-Fluoroethamphetamine) is as follows:

Chemical Name: 3-Fluoroethamphetamine

Molecular Formula: C10H14FN

Molecular Weight: 167.22 g/mol

3-FEA consists of a phenethylamine core structure with a fluorine atom (F) attached to the ethylamine side chain. The molecular formula indicates that it contains ten carbon atoms (C10), fourteen hydrogen atoms (H14), one fluorine atom (F), and one nitrogen atom (N).

It’s important to note that 3-FEA is a synthetic compound that falls under research chemicals. The information available about its chemical composition and properties may be limited.


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